Adam Sandahl’s Work Log

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9/18/23 – 9/22/23

This past week I worked with the new Growbot team. The bot was disassembled during prototyping at the end of last semester. We reassembled the bot and flashed new code onto it. It now has limited movement.

Later in the week I reorganized and reworked the new code so that the new team can understand how it works and can easily make changes.

I helped with lab organization & cleanup.

Coco Fab is currently working on the melting subassembly.

9/25/23 – 9/29/23

I created sketches of coco fab ideas. Researched posable parts for melting control.

10/2/23 – 10/6/23

Created safety manual for for angle grinder and drill press. Updated sketch to available components.

10/16/23 – 10/27/23

Worked with Growbot to fix small code error, and tested ideas to solve what happens when controller disconnects. This found a hardware limitation of RC receiver.

Chocolate Fab- Created BOM for prototype. Ordered initial parts. Created post of initial design.

10/30/23 – 11/3/23

Electrical drawing created for heating control

Heater prototype parts received. Currently creating mounts for assembling prototype. The plan is to avoid irreversible changes to parts until the prototype proves the concept.


1/22/24 – 1/26/24

My team and I put together a general plan and list of parts for what we expect to work on over the next few weeks. We drew simple sketches of what we understand our project will be to ensure we all understood each other. Here is my sketch.

We ordered parts this week to get a jump on building a prototype. This next week I will read more of how the BREAD system is setup. I will also be researching existing open source barcode scanners and inventory management systems.

1/29/24 – 2/2/24

This week my team’s parts arrived. We started designing software to run the modules on an Arduino. This next week the new parts will be tested with a first version of the code.

2/5/24 – 2/9/24

This week we assembled the scanner and uploaded code to scan bar and qr codes. We are able to read in the codes and print them to the serial. The next steps are developing the inventory system, design a housing for the scanner, setup the scanner’s screen, and research ways to increase the range of the scanner.

2/12/24 – 2/16/24

This week we worked on the radio communication, scanner case modeling, and handheld options. Currently, we got some transmitters to “send” a packet of data but the receiver has not been able to receive them. A hand held option we are considering is using a USB scanner that connects to and Arduino that transmits the data to the loaf.

2/19/24 – 2/23/24

This week my team worked on our CDR presentation. The presentation was given feedback on ways we could improve our project. One suggestion was that scanners that communicate with UART could be directly connected to the radio modules. Because of both communicating with UART the radio module could be programed to transmit directly what is received from the scanner. Other suggestions were made on simple improvements to our current plans.