Why Should you become a Sponosor of OHSE?

What is Enterprise program?

To see more information about the the Enterprise program here at Michigan Tech click here to find out more!

What is the OHSE enterprise?

Open Source Hardware specializes in building low-cost alternatives to expensive hardware/software, and then sharing the designs with the commons so that collaborative improvements can be made rapidly. Anyone can make changes or updates to the designs the Enterprise team creates—through this process, designs are improved at a much higher rate than would be possible within the Enterprise alone. Open source is all about collaboration.

Some of the Benefits of Being a Sponsor

The Process of becoming a sponsor

If you want to become a sponsor there are a couple of steps that you will need to take a couple of steps to do so. We will cover all the necessary information that is needed. If you have any qeustions during any point of this please reach out to Len Switzer at lswitzer@mtu.edu or 906-487-4309.

Flow Chart of the Sponsorship Process