James Lovell Bird Attractant / Deterrent Summer Worklog

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Date: 6/2/2024

what’s been done since last update: I got the Number pads soldered together correctly and identified the two issues giving my pause. Namely that the new number pads have a new pin out order than the old ones. I also needed to change the tip on the soldering iron to clean up my work which is why I was having issues getting good connections. I have new 1st full raspberry pi almost complete. I’m working on software issues. The full repository posted online that I have been working from does not contain all the info needed to plug and play a new unit so I talked to Anders about what’s missing and got some direction from that.

For this first one I installed Raspian, copied over all the included files, created a new user and password, did some file ownership work, and learned a whole bunch of linux code stuff. For the future ones I’m going to copy a bunch of files form the existing unit to try to get this first one running, and all subsequent units will be clones of the original. I need to order a usb mounted sd card reader or go grab one form Walmart and get reimbursed. I need to view two cards at the same time to use the cloning utility and that will save massive amounts of time and labor instead of wasting time copying by hand. I am really close to having a complete unit.


order/buy/borrow SD card reader

clone Working SD card onto new cards

3D print the two brackets I need.

Assemble and complete 1st unit.

Date: Friday May 24. I did 4 hours Wednesday, 2 hours Thursday and 2 hours today, Friday. forgot to log the last three days before the cutoff time, missed it by 3 minutes.

What’s been done since last time: I mounted the pole bracket tuesday. I started a 3d print for the amplifier to stand on. that went several hours tuesday and a few wednesday before the print failed and came off the bed at around 35% completion about 7 hours into the print time. long print means lots of chance for errors. While that cooked in the background I taught myself how to wire the Dutch connectors for going from inside the box to the speakers. It took a few iterations until I came across a good crimping technique as we don’t have the right tool and ordering 1 for one project is 80$ and a probable waste of time. If this was a full time project for a business I would say its justified to order it. if this ever becomes the sort of thing where we need a few dozen boxes it might be worth ordering to make everything easier. I drilled and fit the cable gland for the speaker wires and got the speaker cables routed and locked in place. I built the Pi and connected up the LCD screen. Note we still need the mount.

Today(friday 5/24) I’m working on soldering the header pins to the keypad to then connect it to the pi and complete the external electronics. It took a good ten minutes of digging around the lab to find them. I also talked with Shane and got more of those ordered so it wont stop us later.

Date:  monday 5/20/2024 12:15- 5pm.

TODO 1 pole mount, 2 solar.


What got done

pi’s got delivered. mounted the speaker brackets and wired up the plug box, and the external connector for that.

What’s next? speaker wire with duetch connectors in and out. wire gasket. pole bracket. find 3d print files and get them ready before shane shows up.

Date:  5/6/2024 12:00-

TODO: oshe lab summer access yes

Go to lakeshore building for employment

Bom links and parts list, get together monday to order with shane. check with jared to get quantities, ask about case color.


What got done

What’s next?

Date: 5/2/2024 10:00 – 1:00 3 hours, take off half an hour for the memes and distractions.

Meetings to find configuration types next week.

G016 Lab in forestry building. Do most of my work in the oshe lab.

Given a solar powered unit to test/play around with and moved it to the oshe lab. Panels are already in the lab. Double check with Shane who’s panels these are before messing with them, don’t want to mess with another project.

Logging my own hours (match Megan and have free time together?!)

Start when I can and then backlog hours. Track hours (just going to make this a big document)

Start emailing payroll stuff. Check email chain

-sent back to Jared asking for more info. Will jump ahead and call the payroll lady if he doesn’t respond. He seems to be good about response time. Dang within ten minutes. 

Current goals

Find existing documentation and see where we left off. 

-check oshe website or maybe email Shane if I can’t find more. – emailed

Investigate errors- power loss, de-synch, etc

Update solar units to maybe wall charge and also to have the nicer menu navigation.

Talk to shane about arduino vs PI

  -Ask for resources / videos to self teach

Build one unit whole sale and maybe ask for some guidance on the first one and then build a bunch when we know how much of each type we need. Testing and go for it. 

What got done:

Found documentation on OSHE site- still need files access.

Emailed shane about questions

Emailed payroll lady. 

Whats next:

Waiting on shane email. 

Waiting on payroll lady

Waiting on meeting invites monday-ish for planning meets.