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Project Update for Week of 20SEP2023

For the production of chocolate bars in an assembly procedure the chocolate would need to be able to be processes despite periods of inactivity. Due to this, the production line would need to have a heated line that wouldn’t burn or otherwise compromise the texture of the material from the start to end of the line. With this in mind, the majority of the project would rely on a thermal tank of boiling or semi-boiling water to heat the material without burning. This requires the chocolate bowl (tank) to be within a water tank that would allow for a safe and presentable process for melting and moving the chocolate to the extruding end for mold filling.

This means that a thermally conductive bowl will need to be suspended in a tank of boiling water that wouldn’t allow the water to contaminate the chocolate and cause “chunking” within the system. Allowing the chocolate to be heated enough for movement through a tube within the boiling tank so the motor or pulling mechanism can have the liquid chocolate reach the mold upon being extruded.

This in turn presents an issue with repeated use as the method of extrusion will not be within the boiling tank and present a solidifying risk for subsequent use. This is turn requires the parts outside the extruding tank to be either heated in an alternate way or be cleaned and cleared after use to avoid blockages within the transportation tubing.

With the chocolate being extruded to the molds this presents a solution to “automatically” clearly the tubing in the sense of stopping the addition of chocolate material to be added and continuing operation to process any excess chocolate from the line. Further testing would be required to test the validity of this solution.

Design sketches to follow. This worklog post serves to provide work on functional goals 1, 3-8.