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Week of September 11:

  • Researched ATX Power Supply DC-DC conversion methods
  • Researched Buck converter options
  • Familarized with SPICE simulations

Week of September 18:

  • Researched appropriate power factor for U.S. mains simulation
  • Researced options for IC controller for DC/DC conversions

Week of October 1:

  • Researched options for stepping down high voltage DC to usable DC
  • Researched options for LLC DC step down converter
  • Analyzed capacitance and inductance values on a physical power supply

Week of October 22:

  • Researched design considerations for DC-DC Buck Converters
  • Begin calculating component values for Buck Converters
  • researched options for 12 V inversion IC

Week of October 30:

  • Aquired test computer system for future power supply testing
  • Researched TI Buck controller IC options

Week of January 21:

  • Sketch of final ATX Power Supply design

Next week tasks:

  • Finalize IC choice for 3.3 V Buck converter
  • Finalize IC choice for 5 V Buck converterv
  • Investigate options for 12 to -12 V converstion topology

Week of January 28:

  • Narrowed down IC choice for 3.3 V and 5 V buck converter
  • Chose IC from narrowed down options
  • Researched options for using buck converter for -12 V conversion

Next Week’s Tasks:

  • Begin schematic design for 5 V buck
  • Choose buck converter for -12 V conversion

Week of February 4:

  • Learned how to load schematics into KiCad for 5 V buck converter
  • Researched requirments for -12 V buck converter

Next Week:

  • Finish Schematic loading for 5V buck converter
  • choose IC for -12 V buck converter

Week of February 11:

  • Schematic Design for 5V buck converter
  • Load Schematic for 3.3 V buck converter into KiCad

Next Week:

  • Finish Schematic Loading for 3.3 V Buck Converter
  • Finish Schematic design for 5 V buck converter

Week of February 18:

Project Progress:

  • Reviewed schematic for 5 V DC/DC Buck converter
  • Reviewed schematic for 3.3 V DC/DC Buck converter

Next Week:

  • component selection for 5 V DC/DC breakout