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reading and understanding the signal types for laser tag protocol
these protocols are used in the guns to change the settings and is a guide on how they communicate

Worklog update 2

over all i have been working on 3d modeling a casing for our lazor gun we are shooting for a double barrel machine gun and so far am working on figuring out what materials we can use that exist for example using pvc pipes for the barrels and some existing gun parts for other parts of the gun like a grip the tricky part is to take the 3d model and convert it in to something that can actually be printed and parts and things can be put in
here is a old early picture of the model i am working on i am also trying to figure out the style and direction i want to go with it there are a lot of possabilitys

Worklog update 3

this section of the project has all been 3d modeling i made this 3d model what we want the gun to look like and since then i have been learning how to remake this in a cad software so it can be 3d printed i have done work with blender witch if more of an artistic software i should start to be able to start printing parts soon

Worklog update 4

I have made a testing platform model to start mounting the hardware to with out all of the decreations it still needs some work and i need to figure out how to best split it up for printing and maybe hallows out some spots it not quite done that dont need to be as strong but it should allow us to make the entire lazor gun it has threads for a buttstock and a place for a trigger and grip and threads for two pipes for our barrels but i should be able to start printing it next week