Evan Jablinskey’s Worklog

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currently working on recreating this circuit board in Autodesk eagle

10/29/2023- after changing to a teensy for our microchip there were some reworkings that needed to be handled

11/04/2023-Currently working on board design and sourcing materials

—————————Start of Spring 2024 semester——————————–

1/27/2024-sourced updated parts and working on board layout

2/3/2024- updated footprints and currently working on the board layout, next step is finding proper configuration of PCB.
concerns may have about this are mostly determining where to order the boards from

2/11/2024- found proper JST connector footprints, still working out routing of board still

2/18/2024- had to rework the connectors to the proper molex parts, once routed the boards should be ordered by Feburary 23rd

3/23/2023- parts were ordered and assembly can start this week

4/7/2024- board assembly went well and soon live testing with software can take place

4/13/2024- board has been dry fitted in the shell and live testing should take place this week

4/20/2024- after further review I am currently working on new board schematics to implement criticism, as well as plans for testing within the week