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Tesla Coil (Spring 2024)

Work Log 1 (1/21/2024 – 1/27/2024)

Personal To-Do list for the week:

  • Become familiar with the analog portion of the drive circuit
  • Design a single-layer board for the drive circuit in KiCad using available component footprints
  • Prepare for group discussion on the integration of our three subsystems
  • Design a Faraday cage to enclose the secondary circuit

The following sketch is what an ideal final product may look like. The control unit has three subsystems, the digital controller, interrupter, and drive circuit.

Tesla Coil (Fall 2023)

Work Log 1 (Week of 9/18/2023)

Over the past week, we have successfully determined the initial sizing for our secondary circuit. The bulk of the work has been on the sizing of components in order to maximize safety and audio reproduction characteristics. After the secondary circuit has been tuned, the values can be used to determine the tuning of the primary circuit to maximize the efficiency of the energy transfer. Parts have been ordered for the windings of the primary and secondary circuits.

Our main goal for the next week is to assemble and tune the secondary circuit ASAP, then we can choose components for the primary circuit.

Work Log 3 (Week of 10/23/2023)

I successfully acquired and scaled CAD files for the semiautomatic coil winding machine. Printing is ready to commence over the next week, and the secondary coil can finally be wound. This, combined with work in parallel on the driver circuity, will ensure we are making progress towards a functioning tesla coil.

Work Log 4 (Week of 10/30/2023)


  • Printed and assembled parts for semiautomatic coil winder (See attached image).
  • Reviewed BOM for digikey order.

Immediate Goals:

  • Wind secondary circuit inductor
  • Assemble secondary circuit
  • CAD frame for the primary circuit and attachment for the secondary circuit