Liam Kane’s Work Log

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9/17/23 – 9/23/23
Unfortunately, I was busy with the MTU career fair, interviews, and studying for two exams, I was not able to get any work done for the project this week.

My goals for the next week are to start completing Functional Requirements 3 (Conduct thorough research of existing technologies to gain insights, inspiration, and a comprehensive understanding of the current state of relevant technology solutions available in the field) and 2 (Develop custom mold for chocolate bar production).

Semester 2 – Spring 2024

Week 1 – Week 3: As a team, we ordered some parts to start working on motorizing the extrusion of chocolate instead of pushing down the syringe with our hands. On the side, I have been working in CAD to try and make a peristaltic pump that can interface with the parts we ordered, including a stepper motor and Arduino Nano.

Here is a sketch of what the end-of-semester Choco-Fab project could look like. Here we have added a peristaltic pump to extrude the chocolate from out of bowls instead of the current hand-pushed syringe system. In addition, there is an added circulation pump to help make sure the water temperature is the same around the entire tank.

Goals for week 4:

  • Familiarize myself with Arduino IDE to start thinking about how the stepper motor will be controlled
  • Start working on modeling the peristaltic pump on CAD
  • Come to a consensus for the design above

Concerns going forward:

I don’t necessarily have any concerns going forward, but I would like to start meeting with my teammates outside of class more often.