Madelyn Brown Worklog

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Work Week of September 17th:

Completed Work:
We’ve met with our sponsor and have a clearer idea as to what we’re going to achieve. We’re working with both the building and our sponsor to see if we can get a test robot down here to use for our project- it would be extremely helpful and would forward communications fairly quickly.
We’ve also acquired our raspberry pi, from which we’ll be programming our HMI screen.

Goals for next week:
We have another sponsor meeting- iron out details on our robot.
Come up with a plan for getting our mid semester goals done- the deadline is fast approaching.
Look into ordering a physical screen for our HMI.

Anticipated Roadblocks:
Communicating directly with the robot. We are unsure how it sends + receives signals, especially when it comes to using an external computer.
Maneuvering actual screen design and making it look professional.

Work Week of September 24th:

Completed Work:

Goals for next week:

Anticipated Roadblocks: