Chase East’s Work Log

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1/13/24 – 1/27/24

Rough Drawing of the Lasersaur

To Do

  • Download FreeCAD for viewing Lasersaur parts
  • Find or recreate the broken part that holds the second mirror in place

Work Log 1/26/24-2/2/24

  • Soldered laser diode so that we had an alignment laser
  • Determined that our laser diode did not shoot at the same angle when rotated along its central axis
  • Installed GRBL software on personal machine for connecting to the Lasersaur
  • Connected to the Lasersaur using the GRBL software
  • Attempted to move the brackets holding the laser guiding mirrors
    Gcode was sent to the machine but no movement was observed

To Do

  • Design a bracket for mounting the alignment laser that allows for varying the angle of the laser diode
  • Design a process for using the bracket and laser diode to consistently be able to align the CO2 laser prior to its firing
  • Use the GRBL software to send Gcode to the Lasersaur AND observe movement
  • Determine which limit switches we need to replace and order replacements

Winter Carnival Break 2/2/24-2/9/2024