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2/17/2024 Weekly Update

Parts are slowly coming in, still not all of them are in yet, schematic has been put together but there are some issues with styling (ex. four way nodes, wrong footprints).

To-do List

  • Gather parts and begin assembly
  • Refine Ki-cad schematic, begin pcb layout
  • Download open source 3d modeling software and begin model for housing

My concerns for this week remain the same as last week as the parts are yet to come in yet.

2/10/2024 Weekly Update

There is not much to be done at the moment as we are currently waiting for parts to come in.

To-do List

  • Gather parts and begin assembly
  • Finish Ki-Cad schematic

My biggest concern right now is the correctness of the parts coming in, I’m fairly sure I got everything but there’s always a chance that I could have ordered the wrong part.

2/03/2024 Weekly Update

Last week I believe was fairly successful being that the components that we needed for testing have been ordered.

To-do List

  • Verify if order that was placed is completely correct
  • When new components come in, begin assembly
  • Begin Making Ki-Cad schematic

My biggest concern is that the transformer we purchased is going to work correctly for our use case. Other than that It just comes down to doing some testing.

1/27/2024 Weekly Update

To-do List

  • Create schematic and simulation with new IC in both KiCad and Multisim
  • If successful, purchase new components
  • If successful, design, verify, and print PCB

Rough draft of what the finished product should look like: