Hakeem Culberson’s Work Log

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To Do List:

  • Figured out how to stop the growth from moving when there‚Äôs no power. There is a failsafe that will change the output from whatever it is currently at, to a specified value. This must be implemented in software now. Probably in the form of an interrupt so that it does
  • Fix Receiver drawing to much power from the Arduino (possibly easy fix with a decoupling cap)
  • Continue researching components for a PDB


-Met with GM to discuss issues, and what we solved related to growbot related to growbot and how we can fix them

-No concerns with the coming week and there is nothing more to add to my to do list


– Obtained a Emergency stop to cut power to the robot in event of an emergency

– Have buck converter

– Met with team to discuss different components

– Concerns right now are that the E-stop has a rated resistance of 10k ohms, however measuring the resistance of the switch with a meter shows it has 66k ohms. Worried about this causing problems.

Torn between two different types of fuses


– Met with GM

– Decided on the below components

– Power rail for effective power distribution

– And this step down buck converter

– Did testing to determine the amount of current that is drawn from the motor both under load and not

– This was done using an amp meter the peak current was .6A for the motor and the other electronics were in the mA range

– No concerns regarding next week and im not sure what to do for next week outside of the CDR