Caleb Jahncke’s Work Log

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Spring 2024 Week 6


  • I researched how to use I2C and how it is used with the ACS37800 power monitoring IC.
  • Spent more time learning how to use Kicad to design a PCB for the project.
  • Started working on a slide show for the critical design review presentation.

Next Weeks to do List

  • Test the new components and prioritize testing the ACS37800 power monitor.
  • Work with the team and make design a PCB using Kicad.
  • Present at the critical design review on Tuesday.
  • Display our work and recruit new students at enterprise day.

Spring 2024 Week 5


  • Not much was accomplished this week because I was busy during winter carnival and the team did not meet up.
  • Still waiting for the ordered parts to arrive.

Next Weeks to do List

  • Test the components to make sure they work

Spring 2024 Week 4


  • Familiarized myself with the ACS 37800 power monitor using its datasheet.
  • Researched how to communicate with the power monitor IC using I2C (inter-integrated circuit).
  • Researched methods to convert AC from a wall outlet to DC that the Arduino can use. We realized any transformer that had a 120 V primary would be to big for the power meter so instead we found a 3.3 V AC DC converter.

Next Weeks to do List

  • Test new components once they arrive.
  • Start designing a PCB that uses the new components.
  • Learn how to use the 3.3 V AC DC converter.

Concerns for Next Week

  • Next week is winter carnival so our usual meeting time will not work.
  • The components may take some time to arrive.

Spring 2024 Week 3

Team Progress

  • Created a schedule for the semester focusing on finding a way to read voltage and design the PCB first.
  • Began researching a new IC that can read voltage and current.

Personal Progress

  • I have started to learn how to use Ltspice and Kicad to design and simulate circuits and PCBs.
  • I have researched how to use fuses to protect the device from high voltage.
Sketch of the desired end product.

Next Weeks to do List

  • Continue researching the new IC and decide as a team if we should use it.
  • Begin drafting new designs based on if we chose to use the new component or not.
  • Run simulations on new schematics.