Dylan Bryant’s Work Log

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Week 12 Update:

  • This week Liam Kane and I managed to get the silicon molds made with the help of our friend Beau from Toys Tools and Technology. The molds are perfect, exactly what we wanted them too look like.
  • Our group meet over the weekend to integrate the multiple separate parts we had been working on into a finished product. there were some minor issues with the housing not fitting correctly, however we managed to overcome said issues and managed to get the project put together for the most part. we will start testing this week.

Week 13 To Do:

  • assembly the finished project and work on testing the functionality of the choco fab.

week 13 Concerns:

  • We were having issues with our water pump not producing enough water pressure, barely generating enough to lift the water a few inches, when the box says the pump should be able to send water a few feet at a time.

Week 11 Update:

  • I managed to print off a working electronics housing that fits all the required parts, and has the oshe logo on it! For now it works perfectly however the electronics haven’t been put inside connected up, so it might face more issues further down the line.
  • our team meet this weekend to work on our report and discuss our plans for moving forward. Our final meeting with Shane was set to be Thursday the 25th and we still have to finish up a few major aspects of our project. If all goes well we should get a 90% or higher, if we run into too many complications we will have to meet again to discuss what we can feasibly finish before the 25th.

Week 12 To Do:

  • We still need to finish our social media post, Liam Kane managed to get the 3D prints finished this week and is in contact with Beau, who is assisting our team with the silicon casting process. They will meet up Monday to cast the silicon and take videos for the OSHE social media.
  • work with the team to update the project report, and integrate the many separate parts we’ve been working on into a finished project.

Week 12 Concerns:

  • I am still unsure about the state of the electronic extrusion process, and am also growing more and more c concerned about the social media post that was meant to be due weeks ago.

Week 10 Update:

  • I meet with Liam Kane on Sunday to construct the 3D prints for the silicon molds, we left them to print overnight and meet up with Beau, a friend of Liam’s who started his own company Toys Tools Technology LLC. Beau has experience with silicone mold casting so we sought out his help with our casting, and he recommended we do a test cast with the amazing re-melt material. This ended up helping and costing us greatly, the material ended up destroying our 3D prints however it revealed imperfections in the print that would’ve cost us down the road. Liam has been struggling to get the 3D prints to come out correctly since they were destroyed.
  • I talked with Alex Olsen and he decided that we are using the Arduino Nano for our final circuit so I took the mega out of the electronics housing design and am currently 3D printing in the OSHE room. The print is expected to take around 8 hours which means it will finish late into the night, as such I will leave after the first few layers are printed and return when it finishes.
  • I also attended the 3D printing seminar in the OSHE room on Thursday and learned the basics of printing by printing a benchie of my own! It is super simple for the most part however my laptop only holds a mini SD card, and the 3D printers only take SDXC cards. Luckily the lab has microSD to SDXC adapters so it wasn’t a problem.

Week 11 to Do:

  • I need to make sure the 3D print works with the electronics, if the wire holes or the indent for the water temperature controller is off I will need to re-print the housing. This also falls under my week 11 concerns but I will not list it twice.
  • We still need to finish our social media post. Liam Kane is on the social media team and was on point for the social media post for the choco fab team, whoever because the silicon molds aren’t cast yet, which is what we were planning to showcase in the social media post, Liam gave the choco fab team an extension on the assignment as the enterprise social media expert.

Week 11 Concerns:

  • I am unsure if we will be able to complete the electronic extrusion for the choco fab by the required deadlines. Our team is meeting this weekend to discuss our steps going forward.

Week 9 Update

  • This week I had to alter the electronics housing design again based off the time it would take for the print. I have to make it small enough to be able to print in under 12 hours and we plan to accomplish this by refining the electronics to have less components.
  • me and Liam Kane are meeting Sunday to make food safe silicone molds.

Week 10 to Do:

  • Get in touch with Alex Olsen about the finished circuit to figure out which components need to be kept in the electronics housing.
  • Work with Liam to print the silicone molds
  • attend the 3D printing seminar in the OSHE room this Thursday to learn how to print using the 3D printers in the Oshe room.

Week 10 Concerns:

  • I am unsure when Alex Olsen will get in contact about the updated electronics.
  • I need to develop the featured webpage for the OSHE website.

Week 8 Update

  • We were going to 3D print on Thursday however I had to re-fit electronics housing model for the 3D printer in the OSHE room again, this time it’s 10 inches, give or take a half and inch, and should fit inside the printing area with no issue.
  • there were time conflict issues with Liam Kane and his silicone contact this week and we couldn’t figure out a time to get together to talk about the silicone molds.
  • I updated the Bill of materials with the food grade silicone tubes we ordered.

Week 7 Update

  • This week was rough for me, I had a bunch of quizzes and an exam to work through, so my plans to start 3D printing this week didn’t go through
  • This week as a group we worked on updating our OSHE project page using the new format.
  • I discussed the Silicone mold options with Liam Kane, we discussed weather to make customized silicone molds that may fit our specific needs better than a store bought mold as the store bought molds aren’t the correct shape and size for our chocolate extrusion system.

Week 8 to Do:

  • I still need to 3D print the electronics housing
  • work with Liam towards the customized silicone molds
  • Work on a new featured section for the OSHE website for the OSHE enterprise responsibilities.

week 8 concerns

  • I am unsure of the current state of the 3D printers in the OSHE room, I know there have been various problems with them printing incorrectly in the past
  • Liam is still unsure about when we can actually start making the silicone molds

Week 6 Update:

This week our group meet to discus our plans for the upcoming half semester, I updated the electronics housing design to hold the arduino board and its attachment better

week 6 to Do:

print the electronics housing design

look into getting silicon molds made with Liam Kane.

Week 5 Update:

  • This week our group had our Central Design review with the rest of the class, We got a lot of great feedback from the class which we will be using to help move forward in the project
  • I didn’t do much work this week because I was distracted with 3 Exams and a quiz, and a Lab.

Week 6 To DO:


Week 4 Update:

  • This week I meet with members in my group to discuss our options for food grade silicone molds
  • I found some measurements online to begin making the Electronics housing in free CAD

Week 5 To Do:

  • Finish making the electronics housing and get input from team members
  • prepare the CDR slides for our review this week
  • get the measurements for the rest of the components for the electronics housing

Week 5 Concerns:

  • As it turns out our part order didn’t go through so we had to re-order our parts this week, and re-think what is possible for our team by the middle of the semester.
  • I need to figure out what specific new parts from around the lab that were added to the project in place of the parts we tried to order to add to the BOM

Week 3 Update:

  • This week I made our bill of materials
  • We meet as a group to make a Gantt chart for this semester

Week 4 To Do:

  • Measure the size of the parts that go in the electronics housing
  • Design the electronics housing frame in an open source CAD software

Week 4 concerns:

  • Unsurprisingly the parts still haven’t shown up yet, so our group is having problems moving forward in out project.

Week 2 Update:

  • This week I made a sketch of what we want the electronics housing to look like, but without the size of the components I didn’t make anything in CAD
  • Our group meet to discuss what we did, and what we have to do next week

Week 3 To Do:

  • Measure the size of the parts that go in the electronics housing
  • Design the electronics housing frame in an open source CAD software
  • get old parts and materials list to update with new parts

Week 3 concerns:

  • The parts haven’t arrived yet so I have the same problem as last week, I cant view the parts to make a better electronics housing design

Week 1 Update:

  • This week I received the items, price, and URL for the project’s parts and materials list
  • created my website Profile

Week 2 To Do:

  • work with group on new parts and materials list
  • Design the electronics housing frame using open source CAD

week 2 concerns:

  • for the Electrical housing I need to measure the components to make sure they all fit nicely, but a few electrical components that we ordered haven’t shown up yet so I’m not sure of their exact size