Luc Prisby’s Work Log

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1/23/24 Meeting

  • Researched into microphones, analog microphone types with frequency ranges from 20Hz-20kHz
  • Researched into pi cameras
  • Procured an itemized list of components to purchase.

1/30/24 Meeting

  • Waiting on hardware to ship in
  • Discuss software to use when programming the pi
  • Learn audacity, uses Nyquist, an audio based programming language. There is a scripting plugin to use python, any time delay?
  • Open CV writes in python. Use for the pi camera. Has future potential when integrating a User Interface.
  • Compute audio processing and image processing in parallel?

2/6/24 Meeting

  • Looked through redlines of IPS document and weighed the functional requirement tasks.
  • Removed z axis sound origin detection from our functional requirements for this semester.
  • Began to upload the pi software to our pi board.
  • Developed contingency plans in the instance our other parts don’t arrive soon.