Thomas Kinjorski’s Work Log

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9/22 Weekly Update

  • The team meeting hosted on 9/18 was focused on managing meeting times and following up on correspondence with our DNR contacts. The project specs were updated with realistically weighted percentages and the team discussed the possibilities and advantages of installing a weather station at the project site.
  • The team visited the project site on 9/21 without Shane and our DNR contact. This made accessing the mine impossible and led to a good amount of speculation about specific project specifications. We were able to survey the surrounding landscape and choose three locations for solar testing and one location for wind testing. A greater array of solar and wind data collection devices will be brought to the next visit to the site. A loose idea for a cooling system was developed during the visit and the return trip. Most progression on the project will be decided by communication with our contacts and other on-campus teams.
  • Moving forward, I will be researching options for data collection from our DAQ being developed by Alex. I will also be parting together multiple theoretical solar test systems that span a range of budgets. Decisions need to be made regarding the weather station and there is a meeting scheduled with Shane.