Ben Boelens’ Work Log

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  • Week of 9/10/23: The first week of the laser tag project. On Monday, we met with Respawn to discuss expectations and pick up parts, the week was spent doing preliminary investigations into the current laser tag boards and their implementations of the protocol.
  • Week of 9/17/23: I spent this week completing my preliminary investigations. I have also been investigating microcontrollers to control the board and how to implement the custom protocol.
  • Week of 9/24/23: The group met this week to check in on how everyone was doing. Project seems to be advancing as expected. Continued investigation into microcontrollers, including trying to track down source code for the PIC16F684 that is used in the current guns
  • Week of 10/1/23: Source code is looking unlikely. Looked into a teensy 4.0 as a replacement, but will need SD card reader for the sound files for the speaker, as well as an audio amp and transistor to boost the power output of the output LEDs.
  • Weeks of 10/8/23-10/22/23: Due to school work, not much has been able to be accomplished. However, our schematic was finished and I have been working on finalizing an initial firmware to test once the boards are manufactured.
  • Week of 10/29/23: Firmware finished up, working on troubleshooting while I wait for parts to come in.

Spring 2024


Weekly updates

  • Week of 1/28: I plan on continuing my work on the firmware for the gun. I plan on continuing to implement parts of the protocol into the firmware and testing as I go along. Specifically, working on implementing teams.
  • Week of 2/5: Teams were a success, so my plan this week is to continue down the list of admin commands and add them in. In addition, begin testing IRL to see if the code communicates with the other gun.
  • Week of 2/12: Continue firmware development, unable to test IRL communication this past week, so moving it back one week.
  • Week of 2/18: IRL testing moving until after spring break to better align with the new board designs. CDR is also happening on Monday.
  • Week of 2/25: Got good feedback from CDR, started implementing it. TO-DO this week: Get some good R&R
  • Week of 3/10: Continuing to implement feedback from CDR but otherwise waiting for board to get manufactured to test code.
  • Week of 3/17: Implementing a LUT to code to speed up execution, waiting on physical board to finish testing.
  • Week of 3/24: Working with Evan to develop board to speed up production time.
  • Week of 3/31: Continuing my work with Evan to ensure board is delivered on time.
  • Week of 4/7: Board arrived end of last week, IRL testing beginning this week.
  • Week of 4/14: IRL testing going well, fixing bugs missed in previous weeks.
  • Week of 4/21: Final week, final testing and project implementation this week.