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Project Update 1 (9/28)

These first couple weeks will be key in defining the goals and function of our coco-fab robot. We have decided at the moment to use a tank of water to heat the cholate. We also want it to take a fun path through some flexible tubes on its way to our extruder and pump ends, which are external to the tank. We would like to 3d print molds for the chocolates to get some cool shapes, maybe even the enterprise logo 🙂

This week I pretty much just drew some sketches like the one pictured above, and did research. I looked into pumps for high viscosity substances like our chocolate when its melted, and found out we should use positive displacement pumps. I also did some research on food-safe PLA and PETG but i think coating our molds will just be better for various reasons. That’s the gist of this week, brainstorming!