Mitchell Krueger’s Work Log

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  • Post last modified:September 22, 2023
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This week the team visited the mine we will be working on (Mead Mine). While we were there, we were only able to walk around the outside. We were able to scout the location as well as start brainstorming different options for power generation. A few ideas were thrown around for cooling systems as well. I also began researching more deeply into power generation options. I reached out to the Mining students who are working on this project with us so we can get together and figure out how our teams will be working together. The team had also met to discuss different options for the project including how to implement a weather station to collect data and update our project specification form.

For next week, we plan on meeting with the Mining students, if possible. We also would like to have a decision made if we are utilizing a weather station or not. More discussions on power generation systems will take place too. We will be meeting with our advisor to check-in too.