Nasi Koukios’ Work Log

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Week of September 18-23

During this week I met with Eric Engebos on Monday and secured the battery base to the Grow-Bot. We also discussed two possible plans to make the electrical box water resistant. To do this we planned to put a sheet of plexiglass over the electrical box, but we were trying to come up with the best way to secure it. Next we spoke of a way to improve the gears on the robot so we could improve the movement of the robot. For Monday we also came up with a list of parts we needed to order.

On Tuesday Nick Kasi and I met with Nick and Adam Sandhal to get the robot turned on and moving. This was because the bot was disassembled after last semester and we did not know what was needed to make it functional. Nick and Adam also taught us about the code. We also learned that we will need a new FlySky controller for the bot.

On Thursday during the cleaning of the lab we found out the Quadcopter project was scrapped and that instead of ordering a new FlySky controller we could use the one the quadcopter had. That was the last of the work we did for this week.