Suhayb Zeqlam’s Work Log

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Weekly update for 9/22
This week has been quite busy with career fair and everything, hopefully next week is not as busy. Our team was able to meet with Shane and talk about the possibility of publishing a paper. Shane had us watch a video to prepare us for the meeting and he broke down how the paper is written and gave us some pretty good resources to help us write it. Anders started a shared Word for us to write it up and we started to make slow and steady progress. We were able to get some data that we would need from Jenna and started getting some of the “preliminaries” out of the way before getting into the real meat and potatoes of the paper. We were thankfully able to find a spare Pi in the lab, a 2014 model, to prototype in the meantime while we write the paper. It may not be the strongest model but should help us to get something that works more consistently and with clear sounds. I plan on looking at some power electronics to connect it straight to the grid from poles to, that should be fun.