Konnor Kuppernus Work Log

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Nathan Kurth from Chem-trend is sending a sample of ultra purge resin. The purpose of this is to develop a cleaning procedure for the recycle-bot extruder. Once the sample is received sometime next week for trialing can proceed.

Ideas are still being formulated on how to improve the cooling of the filament out of the extruder, but design and construction should begin next week.


Testing of the purge resin began on 10/6/2023 but due to a break in the connection between the part ant the screw the trial needed to be stopper. A redesigned connection piece is current being made and will be implemented ASAP. This new part will include thicker side walls, PETG material, and 100% fill to increase the sheer strength of the part.

3d Modeling of the first design of the new cooling system has begun and should be completed this coming week.

Next Steps

-Repeat Purge Cycle

-Finish Cooler Design and work on implementation.


-The motor was reattached using L bracket steel after the it was found that screws were not strong enough. This allowed us to restart the units with the new PETG part that was previous ally printed. Now we need to continue work to reenforce the strength of the unit and continue work on the cooling unit.


Recyclebot was taking apart due to stress issue stemming from the introduction of ultra purge and a new, stronger motor. Once taking apart it was discovered that recyclebot has critical failures in the hopper and connection parts between the hopper and the barrel. Most of these were caused by the screw itself or the heat from the barrel. The decisions was made that ether a redesign or rebuild will be necessary. What this will look like is still developing.


Below is a drawing of the new base idea for Recyclebot. This involves an 80/20 aluminum extrusion frame. The plan is to chain drive the unit to allow for gearing and to add shear point to reduce unit damage during operation. In this coming week, we need to finalize part list for the extruder and work on funding to project through EMI. The biggest concern is getting funding in adequate time.


Recyclebot is still moving forward with the same plan. We are working to finalize parts list and budgets. This will all be rolled into an application to the EMI program for the need funding for Recyclebot.


Recyclebot is still working on the EMI program application. Will be completed early the week of the 12th.


Recyclebot is still working on the EMI program application. The rough draft was submitted to the rep to go over before final changes. We also received the barrel and screw unit this week. Recyclebot will begin drafting mounting parts for the frame, motor, and extrusion unit. The picture below is the new extrusion barrel compared to the old barrel.


This week most of the work was done on the CDR presentation. Also, the EMI proposal was submitted to GM.