Alex Riebe’s Work Log

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9/22/23 Update

This week I focused on getting an initial design done for the DAQ. I also began to work through some of the challenges with the design. Chief among them are protecting the system from the environment and communication protocols. These ideas were mostly distilled through weighing sensor options and how each sensor would effect the DAQ system. In the group setting I attend our weekly Monday morning meeting and assisted the group in the planning for the week. We also finalized our Project Specs, but after some post submittal considerations we may need to do another pass on that. On Thursday, I went out to see the mine with the group. It was fairly productive but unfortunately we are unable to enter the mine this week. We were able to get some useful information out of the trip, especially in regards to selecting the location for power generation. The trip also allowed for good ideation for the DAQ, cooling system, control system, and power generation. We will document these ideas in our next Monday meeting I believe. A meeting with Shane has also been scheduled for next week Wednesday. Below I have attached the Monday Meeting notes and individual documentation of the DAQ for this week.